Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Madness

About 2 months ago I saw a Mario themed birthday party a Mom put together for her 6 year old son. It was so cool! I thought, "Man, it'll be so much fun to have themed parties for my kids someday." But I just couldn't wait that long.

I don't have any kids, but I do have a husband. A husband who loves Mario. And a sister-in-law who loves it more. And you work with what you've got, you know?

So, I pitched the idea to Tanya, and she was totally game. She was willing to bring over their TV's, original, super, and 64 game systems, along with pretty much every Mario game invented for a little party in honor of Cory's 23rd birthday. So we did. And it was fun!

Jesse, Tanya, and Lara all came over and were my little party minions. They seriously worked so hard get everything done, and didn't even back talk me when I asked them to do crazy things. Like, cut a million triangles of construction paper to make a raceway banner, make a crown for my drink dispenser (Princes Peach Lemonade, I mean, without a crown it just doesn't make sense!), take out the trash, vacuum, and build a scene out of two pounds of cubed cheese. I love them. 

Tanya's pictures turned out waaay better than mine, so you should click here to see them on her blog.

Tanya, will you please e-mail me your pictures??

Also, I guess I could something like, "23 Reasons I love Cory" in honor of his birthday, but it's not like he would read it, so forget it.

I will say that after 4 months of marriage, he's finally starting to get me. For example, the other day he and his mom were looking through his stuff in their attic. I was helpfully laying on the bed outside of their attic. This is what I heard:
Cory's Mom: Well, this is trash. Just throw it out.
Cory: No, Lindy might want it, I'll give it to her.
Cory's Mom: What? No way. This is trash.
Cory: No, this is the kind of crap she buys all the time.

This is what he hands me when he comes out:

Elmer's Spray adhesive and black felt!!!!!! Jack pot!

I used them to make some Mario mustaches for Cory's party, and some pillow cases for the living room. (You can see the pillow cases on Pile o' Craft. Shameless plug, I know.)

He also gave me a large, surprisingly sturdy cardboard tube the other day. He said, "Here. Maybe you can make something out of this."

What a sweetie.


Nathan and Holly Larson said...

Dang, that is a really cute idea for a party! :) Love it! And I'm glad marriage is really working out for you! ;) Y'all are just too stinkin' cute!! Love ya!

freya said...

yes! you and your minions did an awesome job!
i put on the mario mustache and made brett pick a hand to find his coins. he complained that he needed more than two and i said maybe if you go hit a box with your head one will pop out? needless to say he was a little upset i didn't snag more than two ha.

jack pot for sure with that stuff, i can't believe anyone would call that trash. and i laughed out loud when i read that conversation.

Mrs. Blimes said...

Mkay, just checked out the pics over at Tanyas and WHOA!!! Great job! You put me to shame and I DO have a kiddo to plan parties for! I'm really gonna have to step up my game for Miles' 2nd bday! Maybe enlist a few of yall creative young minds to help... :0)

Tanya said...

So I emailed the pictures to you. I got the email off your facebook, so hopefully it's the right one!

Tanya said...

Oh, and I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoyed being thrown into the world of crafting. I feel a new hobby coming on! (gradually, of course.)

Becca said...

You guys sound like lots of fun. I did check out Tanya's blog and see the sweet pictures. The chhese and cracker scene was hilarious. As were the mustaches. As was the phrase "party minions."