Sunday, November 21, 2010

To Do

My Happy Place. I'll be there someday. Also, one of the many pictures I need to develop from Cory's Mission.

I like to make to-do lists. I used to make them in all my notebooks, and then leave them randomly around the house. This was especially fun when I had room mates. I don't know how many times I found "Tell Kristen she is awesome and beautiful/the best room mate ever" on my lists. And then I would HAVE to do it. Just so I could mark it off... I might have a problem.

I've found a few of the lists in my old notebooks, and it's like reading a journal! I can see exactly what I had to do one week five years ago, right down to the "Finish college application essays" (check) and "Paint Toenails: You've earned it" (also check).

Here's a little to do list for me. Let's see what I can accomplish over these next three weeks.

To do:

  • Write Wordsworth final paper (8 pages. I can do this)
  • Read/print Wordsworth assigned readings.
  • Write 18th Century Drama Final paper (Also 8 pages.)
  • Finish Web Design Project
  • Take Web design Quizzes and Exam
  • Edit and Print handouts/posters for Ward Christmas party.
  • Make paper snowflakes/coffee filter wreaths/table decor/banners for said Christmas Party
  • Re-do the bulletin board after Thanksgiving
  • MAIL OUT THANK YOU CARDS (They've been written for months. That was my job. Cory was in charge of addressing them. Now, I'm in charge of addressing them. I am so, so ashamed.)
  • Make a mail out a home-made gift to my Craftaholics Gift Exchange person (by November 30th)
  • Use up 2 gallons of milk before it expires (12/1/10) to prove Cory wrong (that's healthy, right?)
  • Plan an awesome girls cruise for May 2011. (I am so ready.)
  • Work out. Every day. 30 minutes. At least...
  • Visiting teaching. I'm feeling good about December...
  • Get Visit Taught Tuesday: be home by 6:30. Don't forget, silly!
  • Develop/Frame Cory's awesome mission pics. Christmas present potential here.
  • Decorate my house for Christmas! Yay!
  • Get ready to leave Wednesday for Thanksgiving fun in Jacksonville!
  • Come back Thursday for Thanksgiving fun in Marianna!
  • Plan awesome after school activities for the rest of this/next semester with Bridget.
  • Clean out the car already. It's getting embarrassing.
  • Make Hummingbird thank you cake as unfair and unequal payment for services rendered.

Sometimes the list gets away from me. But, it's important to have the big picture in mind, right? Right.

The school stuff I have zero interest in. That's going to make it difficult...but at least there's a few fun things in there to keep it interesting. I can't wait to get started on the Christmas decorations!

Wish me luck!

Also, thanks for all the feedback on the Crafty banners! I was surprised at how passionate a response the pennant banner elicited. People either love it, or really, really don't. I'm going with option number three just to stay out of the controversy. (Sorry Becca. Please visit the Po'C anyway?)

And because I can't resist a silly Cory story, heres a little gem from earlier this week. I walked in from a very long day, and I was really not looking forward to making dinner. He greets me with:

Cory: I went and bought stuff for dinner!
Me: Yay! What are we having??
Cory: Sausage-dogs and chips. And root beer.

Yum : )


Becca said...

It's never gonna happen. Me visting PoC.

But do you ever add something to your to-do list at the end of the day (because you did that thing instead of all the things you wrote down) so you can have something to check off? I do.

Kristen said...

By the way, I'm sure I never got my million bucks that was on your to do list a few times. I'm still accepting it. I wouldn't want that to linger on your thoughts and you could finally cross it off your lists :)

Lindy said...

haha--I'll get right on that Kristen.

And Becca, Yes. I do.

Brush teeth? (Check!)

Kaylee said...

I make the lists too. My psych. professor told me that we need to put simple things on it like, "Take a shower" because we'll feel great once we check it off. I love lists. Good for you!