Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whats in a name?

Cory likes my name. A lot.

He's been substituting my name for anything and everything that has about two syllables.

He does is ALL the time, but the only ones I can remember right now are:

Me: Cory, do you want Chicken pot pie or Hamburger pot pie?
Cory: Lindy Pot Pie!!

He came in one day singing,(to the tune of "My Humps")  "My Lindys, My Lindys, My Lovely Lady Lindys..."

He also has some seasonal variations.

(To the tune of America the Beautiful) "A-Lindy-ca, A-lindy-ca!"

And more recently:

"Lindy Bells! Lindy Bells! Lindy all the WAY!" (That's Jingle Bells, if you were wondering)

He's not much of a singer, but I think that adds to the charm. I'll try to remember some of the more creative of his little outbursts, and preserve them for posterity. I really don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

Here's an engagement shot by Kim Brock. I love our pictures so much. :)

Also, I need your help, if you don't mind! I'm a little obsessed with the heading of our crafty blog. But I can't decide which heading I like the most. So, help me--pleeease.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

I keep asking Cory, but I think he's about to go crazy trying to come up with opinions about  font, color combination, and which minor placement tweaks should be made....


The Hargretts said...

How cute!! My favorite is the Lindy Pot Pie and Lindy Bells =)

Also, I like the third Pile O' Craft banner!

Nathan and Holly Larson said...

I agree, that is the cutest thing ever! :) And I also like the third option best! :) Love you!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Once again your hubby is too cute! Also, I loooove the baner w/the pendant but I also really like the one with "three sisters, tree states,one huge..." maybe combine the pendant one and those adorable words somehow...

Lindy said...

haha--well, so far I only post the cute things. No point in airing the dirty laundry for posterity.... :)

My favorite so far is the third one (its also the most recent--I tried to do a new take on the pendant banner (the original I did in a possibly illegal, definitely ghetto rip off of Heritage Makers, and the image quality wasn't very good but Paint hates me...so we were limited to straight lines.

Becca said...

Number 2 is the best option. Bar none. I won't visit Pile O Craft unless it's number two.

I like that Cory more and more. "Lindy pot pie!" made me LOL so L.

sara raquel said...

you married such a goofball! this post reminds me of his answers to the 20 questions game for your bridal shower "what is your favorite hymn, cory?" "I don't know what it's called, but I can sing it in Dutch."

definitely number two!! i think that one is so cute, but you can always change it up every now'n'agin

Anonymous said...

OK, Doug totally does that too! He changed La Cucharacha to Ana Maria!!!!


I like numero uno! But i like the slogan too!

Anonymous said...

hi Lindy,

my favorite picture
is number 1.
I like your blog