Sunday, August 28, 2011


Birthdays are fun. Today is mine.
I like planning parties for other people, but not so much for me. I really prefer a nice quiet simple birthday. And by simple, I mean I want lots of nice quiet little things sprinkled through out the entirety of my birthday month.

Cory is such a sucker/sweetie about it. And really, its his own fault. I was never this way before he got involved in the birthday planning. You see, if I say I want something within a 6 month period of a gift giving occasion (read: Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas. (read further: it's ALWAYS within a 6 month period of one of these occasions)), he'll say "Why don't you just wait and ask for it for your birthday/Christmas?" And so I do.

And so I end up asking for a million things, and Cory will say, "Well, okay. It is for your birthday, after all."

This was not my intention, really. But sometimes things just work out.

We both like using occasions as an excuses to get what we really want. It works for us.

 Maybe some people would find it sad that I tell Cory exactly what I want, then get on the internet and order it for myself while yelling out to Cory, "I'm buying my birthday present!"

But I don't feel sad. I actually feel the complete opposite of sad. I get what I want, I'm never disappointed ( I very rarely let myself down), and when it gets here I get to love it and hug it and rock it to sleep...

Would you like to meet my precious?

Oh you glorious bag. How do I love thee? Shall we count the ways? 1) Your pretty color matches my favorite pair of flats exactly. 2) You look so chic. 3) You come with two straps. 4) You have lots of pockets. and 5) You're really a camera bag.

That's right. This bad boy has effectively solved the issue I was having regarding bringing my other precious out into the world. Our camera came with it's own very nice, very big, standard issue black bag. A bag that wouldn't fit into my purse. So, if I wanted to bring the camera, I had to carry two cumbersome bags around. Annoying.

Also, I felt the black bag sent a message along the lines of: "Expensive technological equipment inside. I would be an excellent choice for mugging, if you felt so inclined."

Safety first, right? I needed the bag. So Cory told me I could have it. So I got it. And I love it.  And it was my official birthday present.

I also got some shelves this month. I've planned on getting them since we moved in, but I got them this month so in our house that makes them a birthday present. Cory complained less than usual as he put them up, seeing as how it was my birthday month. And that, my friends, is truly a gift.

I looooove these shelves. They sit over my desk, and hold crafty supplies, and books, and knick knacks.

A lot of knick knacks. I have a problem.

Even on top of that, he wanted to celebrate yesterday! He said, "We can go to the mall and get you some new clothes for your birthday!"

Ummm...who are you? Where's my Cory?

We went. It took me four hours to find one shirt I liked. I don't think Cory will ever go with me again. 

So, Happy birthday to me! 22 years and still going strong. 

Now, you'll have to excuse me while I go eat some cheesecake.

P.S. On an unrelated note, ever since we watched The Music Man with my parents Cory has been randomly shouting, "Not one POOP outta you!" It's hilarious. And awkward sometimes. Also, it should be known that his favorite song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is "Toot Sweets." I'm sensing a theme here...


Meagan said...

Happy Birthday! I am totally the same way about when it comes time to all the attention on me. I'd rather skip my b-day and just celebrate it alone, at the spa, or something :-)

I did not know you were only 22!!! You're a spring chicken!!! :-) Not saying you look older than that, but I'm just surprised because you're so mature! More mature than I am at least!!! :-)

That bag is gooooorgeous too. And you have totally inspired me to get some shelves up in our place. I am sick and tired of Ryan's law books lining the walls of our extra bedroom...

Amy & Miikael said...

Happy Happy Birthday. The bag you got is AWESOME! I was already excited about the post because the picture was of a purse. Doesn't that make everyone happy inside. :) I hope you had a great day.

Tanya said...

Now are you sure you're 22? hahaha

freya said...

i looove the bag lindy! sooo worth it!
and i love your shelves!
enjoy being 22!

Holly said...

Girl I hear ya! I don't think Nate has ever gotten me a birthday present I didn't pick out! :) I'm glad you had a good birthday! And hey, we're the same age! (For a little bit at least!)

Mrs. Blimes said...

Happy Birthday Lindy! You and Cory make me smile. I love to read about your life together. It reminds me so much of Drew and my newlywed days!

Hope you have an outstanding year!!!

Lindy said...

Meagan--I totally know what you mean about me not seeming 22. I feel older than that...which is probably why I'm constantly forgetting how old I am. Which brings me to you Tanya...

Yes. I'm sure I'm 22. I did the math and everything. Kind of. I'm pretty sure, okay?

Amy and Freya--I looooove that bag. Sometimes I pet it. Thats normal. Right?

Holly--It was glorious to be the same age--at least for a minute :)

Mrs. Blimes: Awww---I can only dream that we'll be as cute and in love as you and Drew after two kids and a few years of marriage set in!

Becca said...

I have that same owl.

And I am IN LOVE with your wooden clogs hanging up and holding pencils. So pinterest, Boogs.

My love language is "gifts", so I totally understand about needing tiny little simple things sprinkled throughout my own birthday month. And we both married good ones, who sweetly comply.