Sunday, August 14, 2011

An herb update and rose colored dishes.

My herbs are growing!! 

The basil sprouted about five days after I planted, and is really taking off:

And the parsley has finally decided to make a showing.

The chives have yet to make an appearance. I haven't given up on them yet though.

When I was in Utah in June, we hit up the DI. It was awesome. I found this little pink cup.

I bought it (For like, fifty cents) and told my mom I was going to start collecting pink depression glass. She told me that sounded nice.

Then a few weeks ago I was thrifting with my girl Kristen, and saw this little beauty:

I bought it (Ninety nine cents. Sold.) My collection was moving right along!

A few days ago, my mom called and asked me for my address. I gave it to her.

This showed up a few days later:

My mom mentioned my fledgling collection to one of her friends in North Carolina, and then when her friend was thrifting in Minnesota, she saw the little beauties above. She bought them and mailed them to me!

I jumped and squealed and maybe even did a little dance in the kitchen when I opened the box.

Cory says that "now I'll never win."

That's right. Filling up my house with junk has now become a national pastime. Coast to coast, baby.

Now it's a real collection.
If you're first response to this is, "That's nice, but WHY, Lindy?" You should know that it would look
really cute in a baby girl's room. Yes, the one that doesn't exist yet. 

Its kind of fun to have a specific "thing." I've never really had one before that I know of. Well, some people would count random ceramic animals as a thing. Then maybe I have two "things."

But sometimes they overlap.



The Hargretts said...

I LOVE the pink wear!! It's so cute. Now I'll probably keep a look out for it too =)

Holly said...

I'm so jealous about your herbs! I want to plant some sooo badly! Anywho, cute collection. I have six salad plates that are pink...maybe one day you can have them! ;)

Kristen said...

one day i went to goodwill on my lunch break and saw some glassware that was that orangey-pinky look like those plates but it wasn't exactly like the pink we found so i didn't bother it.... but it looks just like your new plates. it was the goodwill on the parkway if you wanna check it out.

also, why does DI always seem so top notch compared to goodwill?

Jason and Jackie said...

Oh, Lindy I just saw Kristen's comment. The orangy pink color is older pink depression glass. If it has a sheen to it, it is carnival glass. You should get them. Also, never ask why when collecting. Think of it as an investment :)