Monday, January 16, 2012

A Baby Shower and Pigs

This weekend I was able to be a part of a very sweet baby shower. Melissa requested a hot air balloon theme, and I think it's safe to say we delivered. :) 

Also, can I just say the more the merrier when it comes to party planning? It's sooo much easier/stress free when you're only in charge of one tiny aspect of a party.

Also, there are like, zero pictures of people because every. single. picture. I took of people came out blurry. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to pictures of people. And  its really starting to annoy me. 

So, for those of you that weren't able to attend, let me walk you through it.

You walked up to the cutest blue house, with cloud streamers flanking the porch. 

The first thing you did when you came in was fill out an advice card for the mommy to be (in my case it was a theory/good luck card.) and then clipped it to the frame on the mantle.

Then you got some yummy brunchy food. Fruit, cupcakes, cake pops, breakfast casserole and chicken sandwhiches. Delish.

After eating you could make a little hot air balloon for the baby's mobile.

And then we played "Gift Bingo" while Melissa opened up her lovely presents.

On your way out you grabbed a vellum printed hot air balloon candle. Or two. I like candles.

There you have it! The only things I was in charge of were the yarn wrapped hot air balloons and bringing a few decorations/frames/platters I already had lying around the house. It was awesome.

After the shower I had the whole weekend to just relax, clean out closets, vacuum, and it has been so amazing. Cory and I watch a lot of netflix/hulu when we're hanging out these days, but I didn't realize how much we were depending on that until the internet went down for a few hours yesterday.

Cory was momentarily distraught, but he rallied and a few minutes later I hear: "Lindy, what are these little pigs????"

Pass the Pigs, baby. Thats what those are. If you're not're missing out.

You roll the pigs like dice, and get points depending on how they land. You keep rolling until you reach 100 points. If they land on their side though, you lose all your points.

It makes sense. Trust me.

Lets just say, Cory might have a gambling problem. He keeps on rolling and rolling until he loses everything. I save up my points methodically and was definitely going to win on my next turn. I just knew it. But then, the Pass the Pigs gods smiled down upon him and Cory rolled 102 points in one long stretch. It was NUTS!

And now we know what people did before the internet.

We didn't put the pigs away, and all day today I've caught him practicing. A lot. It's all in the wrist.


Meagan said...

Cute shower!

We played pass the pigs over Christmas and it first, but then we all got the hang of it and it was so much fun!!

Kristen said...

every detail at the shower was amazing! it looked great! good job!

pass the pigs=amazing. why didn't we play that more often?

Tanya said...

I've never played Pass the Pigs. We may have to have a pig party or something...

Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

We've never played pass the pigs either... That sounds like something Danny would be very excited about, and I live the decorations for the baby shower!

Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

Love... Stupid auto correct

freya said...

absolutely loved the shower. you guys did an amazing job. and i feel ya with the pics of people problem. urrrgh.

i love pass the pigs! i don't think we play it right though after reading that? ha

Mrs. Blimes said...

That shower was beautiful! The detail was so impressive and it seemed to fit Liz's house perfectly. You are so clever Lindy!

Jason and Jackie said...

Very Cute! Hey would you mind sending me some of the super cute Christmas pics? My camera died on day 1 of our trip. Sorry!