Thursday, January 5, 2012

In which babies are cute and family is fun

Christmas was good to us. Cory seems to really like the little grill I gave him (it comes with the unspoken agreement that there will be more steak in his belly in 2012 than all the previous years combined. Best. Present. Ever.) Cory surprised me with the fanciest of the fancy Kindles, and I'm in love. (Real book lovers, I am still one of you. But now I can splurge on the nice hardcopies of books I really love, and depend on the Kindle for my light fluff and travel reading...Also, I read 4 books last week at the touch of a button. I'm hooked.)

I didn't get a lot of pictures with Cory's family on Christmas. I guess I just got caught up in the rush of things. I was opening up boxes of cardigans like crazy. It was madness! I have like, 12 new cardigans! And a food processor! Things were nuts! We spent all of Sunday Christmas with Cory's family, enjoying our presents and eating ham after church. I really love my easy going in-laws. They're awesome.

My entire family (well, except for Brazilian Elder Sam, but we did Skype with him!) got together for the week after Christmas. We kissed baby Jane, and tickled Master Jefferson, and shopped for antiques like there was no tomorrow. It's like we had to fit 12 months worth of antique shopping into 2 days. And we succeeded.

All of our hard work getting the attic ready to be a play room was so worth it once we had the munchkins up there. Also, Jane loved my old baby doll the most. I win.

Trains. Jefferson is all about some trains. Just about the cutest thing in the world is to here him tell you about the engine, coal, and cargo ("Targo" according to him. And Uncle "Tory". And Aunt "Tourtney". Then you have cute overload, and we all die.)

Grandma decided that Jefferson needed a cool present, so we went out looking for the perfect present one Christmas Eve while Cory and my Dad played Golf. We found a great deal on this Polar Express set, and brought it home. Grandpa huffed and puffed that we were "overdoing it", but secretly we all know that he loved it.

Espcially when that Christmas Train (Tristmas Train. Ah!) had Jefferson making the face. The really happy one.

Basically we'd do anything to make that kid happy. And we did do anything. And it was worth it. By the end of the week Jefferson decided he was going to stay at Grandma's house forever. Mission accomplished. 

Yep. They've got Grandma and Grandpa right where they want them. Aside from spoiling perfectly good children, we did other stuff. We cooked a little bit. Jackie made caramel, and then dipped apples in it. Then she had chocolate to dip the caramel covered apples in. That was a pretty awesome night.

And we made loads of handmade cards to distribute for various occasions. Kourtney taught us her ways.

Speaking of Kourtney, let me tell you about her magical purse. I knew it was big, and I knew it held many mysteries, but I didn't realize how awesome it was until I was standing in a puddle of my own blood in the Christmas clearance aisle of Marshals. 

Okay, it wasn't a puddle. More like 4 giant drops on the ground. But, bleeding any amount of blood in Marshals is too much. Way too much. Just sayin'.

Kourtney whipped out tissues to stop the initial bleeding, sanitizer to cleanse the wound, Neosporn whatever that stuff does, a small band aid to hold it together, a bigger band aid over the smaller one just to be safe, and THEN provided clorox wipes to clean up the blood on the floor. 

Help a sister out.

The wound was caused by a broken train/santa snowglobe that looked like a box with a lid, so naturally I tried to take the lid off and...then my finger was bleeding. Profusely. Just in case you were wondering.

She watched me more closely after that.

Anyway, during all of this, back at home Jane was still being cute.

She just can't help it. We put her in this tiny rocking chair, and when we sang rock a bye baby she would go to town rocking. And singing. Ah! How are you so cute?

Where was I? Oh yes, a new year. We said good bye to the 2011 and hello to 2012 without much a spectacle. 

The view from my parent's front porch at 6:30 AM, January 1, 2012
We simply went to bed one night and faced a very foggy New Year's morning. It was a little bit haunting. Like the old year just wasn't ready to let go. And seriously, where did that year go?


Alicia said...

Your posts do me a world of good, you know that? I think I'll email a link to this one to my mom. Her and Dad would love to read it. The picture of Jane and Uncle Gary is to DIE for. You guys are the best. I wish you lived here. ALL of you.

Nathan & Holly Larson said...

What an amazing holiday celebration! :) It sounds like all of you had such an amazing time. I must say I am impressed by Kourtney's Mary Poppin's-esque bag! I'm almost inspired to get myself one! ;) Also, where did you get vintage fireworks...those are awesome! Love your pictures!!

Meagan said...

Where DID the year go? For reals. Christmas comes so fast and then it is OVEr just as fast. I think becasue Ryan is in school I can't really enjoy it much because we are poor, stressed, have to travel with a toddler, and then school starts up not long after we FINALLY get a break from life. Beautiful pictures!!

The Hargretts said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had!! My family did the same thing... we got all our old toys out for the grandkids and they were in heaven. Plus it was cool to see and have old toy memories.

Kourtney's bag is amazing! I hope I have an awesome bad like that someday. Especially those clorox whips.

FYI I always look forward to your posts... your pictures are so cool =)

Lindy said...

Alicia--when I read your posts I wish we all lived in Jo City too! It would be so much fun!! Hopefully we can all get out there for a visit sometime this year. That would be the next best thing!

Holly--We just bought the snappers at a road side fireworks place in Alabama. We specifically bought that box 'cause it was cute though. :)

Meagan--All of those are very valid reasons for the year to slip away quietly. :) And I really can't fathom road trips with a toddler. How do you do it??

Kendal--Old toys are the best toys. Hands down. And I'm glad you look forward to my posts :) Thanks!

Kristen said...

where to even begin?!
your parents house is already gorgeous and adding a christmas touch to it probably makes it magazine worthy, or at least your pictures make it look that way!
jane and jefferson are so cute!! and janes eyes are to die for!!

Kristen said...

also, i'm jealous of your new 12 cardigans!!!!!

freya said...

yay for christmas! sounds like yours was perfect! you got to soak up time with your cute little niece and nephew! you'll be grilling and book reading fiends this year. four books in one week! that's incredible! those old toys are amazing, they bring me back to my preschool days!

and i'm with kristen, 12 new cardis! lucky!