Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Glorious Food

I made a goal to explore Tallahassee this year. Best new year's resolution ever. I technically already had my adventure for this month last weekend, but I wanted to hang out with my BFF Lara, so we planned another one.

She took me to the blood bank to donate my blood. I'd never been to that blood bank before, so technically it counts as a new Tallahassee experience. Although I don't think I'll ever enjoy giving blood. I turn into a huge whiney baby. It's not so attractive.

Then I took her to a restaurant called Food Glorious Food. Obviously I'm much better at picking fun activities than she is.

We ordered sandwiches (The Addy and the Dagwood, respectively), and then split them with each other because we wanted to try both. That's why our friendship works. We share.

 The sandwiches come with a side of pasta salad, but we also ordered a special side of Mackin Cheese after our waiter told us they were known for it.

It was so good. Sooo good. The green pasta stuff is the Makin Cheese. And who knew Tuna and Mushrooms went together?? Our minds were telling us no, but our mouths were telling us yes.

We couldn't even finish our sandwiches and pasta, so we had to make do with just taking pictures of the dessert. There were three full cases of cheesecake, cupcake, regular cake, and other sweet things that may or may not have been cake related. So, we'll be going back soon to take care of that unfinished business.

We were supposed to do an intense day of shopping/errand running after lunch, but we were both feeling pretty woozy from having 2 pints of blood drained out of us, so we compromised for just going home and watching Benny & Joon on Netflix.  It was a good day.

Today's post was going to end there, but then this just happened. Things are about to get weird, ya'll.

Cory discovered Words with Friends (online Scrabble). We've had an ongoing game for the past few days. The game ended just now, in his favor.

So now he's marching around my desk and singing this song:

I win, I win, I am the champion!
I win, I win, I am the champion!
Even  with your degree
You must bow to mee!

And it just keeps going on like this. He has a few other improvised verses, but they all have the same general theme. Every now and then he'll shout, "This is really happening, Lindy! It's really happening!"

Maybe I should let him win things more often??

In my defense, my words were much better, but his strategy couldn't be beat. Curse you triple word score.

I should probably keep our weirdo moments to myself, but that one was too good not to write down somewhere.

Okay, that is all, for real.


Meagan said...

I definitely need to donate my blood, I'm O neg, universal donor, but not right now with all my blood draws. They only take 1 vial so it isnt that bad, but stil!!

Funny story of Cory! And those sandwiches look divine!!!

Tanya said...

Maybe he's cheating. Jesse used to beat me all the time because he downloaded an app where you put in all your letters and it gives you tons of words you can make.
Also, the pasta salad at Food Glorious Food is sooo good!!!

Amy & Miikael said...

Food Glorious Food = Awesomeness
I was introduced to that place last year for my birthday, the people I work with took me. It was soooo good and I am sorry you missed out on the best part. DESSERT! It is yummy. They have this chocolate cake thing that is oh so good. Another good place in town to try is Masa, go at lunch because the prices are pretty good then and the food is good.

freya said...

two more tally places i need to hit up! what a good new year's resolution! and way to be on top of it.

can i have that cheesecake please?!

sara raquel said...

haha! cute story. i'l have to check out words with friends online since I'm smartphoneless

i went to food glorious food once and my experience was not so glorious, even tho the food was pretty good. the waiter gave my food to somebody else, and then other waiters would just bring stuff out and didn't know what table it went to... i don't think anyone knew what was going on. im glad you had a good experience!

Kristen said...

I have always wanted to try that place!!
Did you get a free shirt when you donated? Their shirts are the best comfortwise, but sometimes ugly as poop.

Lindy said...

Meagan--I'm Oneg too! I definitely need to do it more often...but we'll see.

Tanya--Oh yea. He was def. cheating. He had that same little thing up in another window, and didn't even know what the words he was using meant!!

Amy--I am def. going back for dessert, and I'll look into Masa too! Thanks!

Freya--I won't tell if you have some cheesecake :)

Sara--my heart is breaking for your bad FGF experience. I'm so glad that didn't happen to us (that would have been such a disappointment!)--maybe they had just hired all new people??

Kristen--I did get a shirt! It's long sleeve. And has some bad-a scroll work going on.

The Hargretts said...

I have been meaning to go to FGF, I have heard good things about it. I heard on the radio about that game too. Chris and I love playing scrabble so maybe we should get in on it. Cory is such a silly person, and don't worry my husband makes up songs ALL THE TIME too. =)