Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things of Note

1) I painted our dining room table yesterday. I've been talking about it for the past 7 months, and yesterday, I up and did it. Cory wasn't too excited about it but...I've learned that you can't stop it if you're not awake for it. No pictures yet--its not quite ready. Fingers crossed I'll be getting some new chairs at the end of this month and I'll do a big reveal then :)

2) Cory took me out to dinner on Friday night. After driving a huge loop around town for about 30 minutes and passing multiple options, we decided to eat at a sushi place called Mr. Roboto. A place that is pretty much within walking distance of our front door. Nice. It was delicious.

3) I got a new calling at church today. Second Councillor in Relief Society. I'm nervous and excited. Can I really do this?? Cory thinks so. He says, "Now maybe you'll be too busy to paint all the things in our house." Don't count on it.

4) Have you ever cried in front of your boss at work? I hadn't until this week. It was a pretty bad day. Luckily I have an awesome boss. And my girl Freya works just down the hall so I was able to cry it out in her office too. Thank you! I wish I could promise that would be the last time but...I can't. 

5) Cory and I both love a good murder mystery. Castle, Bones, Lie to Me...all over it. We've started watching the crime documentary show "Wicked Attractions" on Netflix and now I'm pretty sure I'm never going to let my kids out of the house. Ever. But I can't look away.  

That pretty much sums out the past week. Bring on the month of love!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I have totally cried one day at work and I'm pretty sure I called the lady the b word. Hahahahaha I was in the moment. It was intense. Lol

Can't wait to see the table!!!

sara raquel said...

aww Lindy! good thing you have lots of awesome people at work to cheer you up, I hope you feel better!

and good luck with your new calling!! i just a new calling today too, family history teacher in sunday school, i don't know what I'm doing!

Nathan & Holly Larson said...

You've certainly been busy! :) And congrats on the calling, I'm sure you'll be WONDERFUL! And you'll probably have a lot of fun! Why were you crying at work?? I hope everything is going okay!! Love ya girlie!

Lindy said...

Meagan--Sometimes you just gotta get it all out! And I bet that lady deserved it.

Sara--Yea, its such a blessing that I like the people I work with! And family history teacher!!! Good luck! I wouldn't know where to start, but you're going to be awesome. I can just tell.

Holly--It was a cumilation of a lot of mistakes/old men being super mean to me. Everything else is going great though :)

freya said...

1) i can't wait to see the big table reveal too! you never cease to amaze me with your furniture skillz.
2) i hate when that happens. sometimes it is nice to take a long "sunday drive" though ha. and mr. roboto IS delicious so that makes up for it.
3) get it girl! ask and ye shall receive!
4) sometimes you just gotta let it all out. we are just therapy buddies at work. :)
5) sometimes i like crimey shows but then sometimes they just freak me out too bad. ha.

Kristen said...

Can I get a sneak peak at the table sometime?
Good luck on the calling! I think you're gonna do great!! I'm just sad you wont be the service committee leader anymore :(

Becca said...

Hey! Cute heart/book picture at the end. I love the month of love.

Why were you crying? Is everything okay?

Also, how can I get motivated to paint? It is my WORST job. But I am planning on painting our piano this year . . .

Perfect for Relief Society! Nobody's gonna wonder why the RS meetings are suddenly well-attended if you are involved.