Monday, February 13, 2012

I love chair

We did it. We went back and bought the chair today. The man running the little barn/shack place told us he'd sell us the chair for $60.00 on Saturday. They only took cash, and we didn't have any cash, so we didn't buy it then. I dreamed about it all day Sunday. 

A different guy was running the joint today, and he told us he'd sell it for $35.00. SOLD. 

My parents are going to bring it down to Florida when they come visit in April. Until then, I'm posting this picture of it so I can can just sit and look at it throughout the day while we're apart. I love chair.


Nathan & Holly Larson said...

No lie, that chair is absolutely fabulous! And you got it for such a steal! Gosh I really need to learn shopping tricks from you!!

The Hargretts said...

Love it!! nice price too. It will look great in your place.

Tanya said...

You have a problem!! Haha. Chair addiction!

Becca said...

so jealous.

I mean it.