Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little Breather

It's that time of the semester. Mid-term time. Cory has been chained to his desk, completing assignments and studying his tooshie off for the past few weeks.

He finally had a little breather this weekend and we got to go on a date. A real date! I wore pants and everything. 

We hit up Momo's Pizza, where they make pizzas the size of tractor wheels. We ordered a medium this time, (Margarita style: Basil, Tomato, Feta and Mozzarella. My absolute favorite way to eat pizza ever. Sooo good.) but once before I have ordered the "XL". I seriously had to clean out the trunk of my car and open up the back hatch to get it home (where it was shared with many, many people). 

Cory hates taking pictures. I got him to agree  to take one picture with me, and this is what we got:

This is the face he makes when I ask him to look pretty:

Saturday morning I woke up early and finally tackled one of those dirty jobs you avoid for as long as possible (if you're really good, you NEVER have to do these ones. Ours was too gross though. I couldn't put it off any longer): Cleaning out the underneath of the kitchen appliances. I pulled out the oven, and cloroxed the heck out of many nameless horrors. There was a rusty 7 inch knife down there! We suspect foul play.

Saturday night we went on ANOTHER date! Two dates! Ah! We met up with Danny, Joanna and little Ava for dinner and game night (Sour Apples to Apples. I totally dominated). 

I also recently indulged my inner 85 year old lady (I also strongly support cardigans and floral print.) and bought this tiny gnome for my herbs on the porch. The basil has never felt so welcoming! 

Happy Leap Day week! Let's do something crazy, okay?


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Gnomes totally freak me out!!!!!

That pizza looks amazing!

Becca said...

I want to eat at Momo's. Are there flying lemurs involved??? That's the only thing that could make it better than trunk-of-your-car sized pizza.

You guys are cute. And if we ever got together and played Apples to Apples, I would school you.

Becca said...

Also, I updated my dislixe ( I need some comment love.

Lindy said...

haha! Gnomes are the perfect mix of creepy and adorable if you ask me. :)

Becca--I wish there were some flying lemurs. There were lots and lots of hat wearing, tattooed hipsters though. Kind of the same thing. And you shall have your comment love.

Kaylee Hornsby said...
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Kaylee Hornsby said...

We should do something crazy! Lets make a leap day linking party where we leap around to each other's blogs and talk about what wee did for leap day... or something like that.

Wow. I really got carried away there!

Tanya said...

I really like Cory's beard. Is it part of his busy mid-term schedule? haha

Lindy said...

Sounds good Kaylee! Let's do it!

And yes Tanya. He shaved yesterday, finally. The length of his facial hair directly correlates with the amount of homework/exams he has.