Sunday, March 4, 2012

Butter Me Up

 I usually just wrap the butter up in the paper it comes in and put it in the fridge. My mom always kept our butter in the fridge growing up. Well, technically she kept it in the freezer and made it impossible to spread. Impossible. I've been wanting a cute little white butter dish for a while, but I'm reluctant to spend the $12.00 on one. While we were visiting some of my parent's friends in North Carolina, I saw that they kept their butter under a dome on the counter. I already had the dome, so I gave it a try. 

I've found that room temperature butter spreads on toast like a dream. A dream! But Cory says its going to kill us and refuses to eat it. I argue that it hasn't seemed to hurt the seventy year old people that keep it on the counter in North Carolina, but nothing will sway him. What say you? Are we going to die butter related deaths?

P.S.  Kristen and Lance let me take some baby announcement pictures for them, and they turned out soooo cute (if I do say so myself.) I've never really taken pictures of people before, so it was good practice. Congratulations guys!  Click here to see the pictures on their blog.(It would be confusing if I posted them here, I think.)

P.P.S. We won an Ipad 2 this week!!! We renewed our lease early, so we were entered into a drawing and WON! I've never won anything before! My sister Kourtney has all the good luck (she won a computer in a drawing, found a giant diamond ring in the street once, etc.) and my sister Jackie has all the bad luck (she was once punched in the face by a random man, aka the story of how she had a black eye at my wedding) so I've been content with neutral luck so far in my life. Maybe the tides have turned?? We'll see.


sara raquel said...

haha im pretty sure butter doesn't have to be refrigerated. so you and the hubs should be totally fine

ahh your sooo lucky about the IPAD!! I was tempted to renew just for the chance to be in that drawing but since i don't know what the plans for next year are yet, i couldn't :( im so jealous!

Nathan & Holly Larson said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure butter is enough of fake oily stuff to not "go bad"...but maybe you could google it!?

And awesome on the iPad! Have fun!!

Kristen said...

i'm a little iffy of leaving dairy products(is butter dairy?) out to room temperature so i'm with cory. we get country crock cause one, it's tasty and fattening and two, it spreads with ease even while being in the fridge!

lucky about the ipad! thats an awesome win!!

you are a camera godess! love them!!

Tanya said...

My grandma's always kept her butter in a dish on the counter. It used to freak me out, but I haven't died yet. So I'm thinking you're safe... haha

Jennifer said...

We keep our butter out. It took some getting used to for the same reasons as Cory, but we've been doing it for a while and we haven't turned green or been ill.

Joanna said...

Life on the counter for butter is about 3 weeks, we have always had butter on the counter in a butter dish, you know how picky Danny is about food. Just tell Cory that Danny does it and maybe he'll be okay with that! I love soft butter, yes it is dairy it's made out of heavy cream, if you make it homemade in a mason jar where the lid seals it will last for a month :) congrats on the iPad!

freya said...

look it up on your ipad!!! maybe there's an app for that? ha :) my vote is you can leave it out.

Jason and Jackie said...

okay--the kids are looking at me like I have gone crazy. I died laughing reading about all of our luck. I guess it's funny because it's true. That is awesome that you won the ipad. Whoohoo! I love mine.

Oh, and butter is fine left out for a few weeks. You'll know when it goes bad. It will have a rancid smell to it. Even then it won't kill you so you're pretty safe.

Ana said...

your sister has the worst luck ever, its still funny, but it truly is the WORST LUCK!

I've left my butter out since i was young, and truth be told, i've left it out way longer than 3 weeks, and I haven't died (or I've built up a strong resistance to spoiled butter), but you should be fine.