Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lunchables aka Cory's name for "The Hunger Games"

The much anticipated Hunger Games movie came out this week. A very long time ago I was talking with some of my ladies, and we decided we would go to the midnight showing. A few months ago this sounded fun, and spontaneous, and crazy. Thursday night, it just sounded crazy. We came pretty close to backing out, but in the end we went (except for Kristen, who gets a pass for being with child and under the weather that night. We missed you Kristen.)

Here we are patiently waiting for the movie to start. I think we had 1.5 hours to go at this point .

Oh yea. We made shirts. A little freezer paper magic and we were good to go. Here's a somewhat better shot of my shirt.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I'm not very discerning. Also, I might still have been under the influence of some pretty intense anesthesia. I had a little teeny minor excisional biopsy (everything is fine, and Cory is making me go to bed early so I heal nice and quick) a few hours prior to the midnight showing. 

I hadn't had time/access to scissors to remove the bands before the movie. And technically I was still a "Fall Risk" (one could argue I am always a fall risk...), so we left them on. 

Side note: The doctors told Cory I woke up from the surgery telling them all about Texas. I have no memory of this, but apparently it was on my mind. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl. Can I get an Amen?

Saturday morning I took some fun pictures with Joanna and Ava. It confirmed to me that I am not a professional photographer in any way. Seriously--I have no clue.  But I do like the practice! And I liked getting to use my pink dishes. They do have a purpose!

Here's a sneak peak:

I've never tried those little meringues before. They're like a huge Lucky Charm. Which I find strangely alluring. 

I was also going to tell you about my recent conversion to weight watchers, but I'm super sleepy so it looks like that post will have to wait a bit. But, so far I'm really liking the program! So, more on that later.


Nathan & Holly Larson said...


And what did you get a biopsy for?? Everything okay? And yes, you're always a fall risk. ;) Love ya girlie!

freya said...

haha i love it, i bet you were hilarious coming back around.

hunger games. so worth it.

i can't wait to see more pics from saturday!

The ArgentineHudson said...

Merengues are THE best.

You MUST try it, super sweet but super delicious.

Kristen said...

i'm so sad i didn't get to be all crazy with you guys at midnight :(

and that photo spread looks beautiful! you sure are good with object photography if anything!!

Lindy said...

Holly--there was a cyst we were kind of concerned about, so we decided to take it out. No big. :)

Kristen--Yes..I do like how objects stay still. I'm not quick enough for moving subjects!

Becca said...

Oooh, I can't wait to go to the movie. I didn't go with girlfriends because Allen is the one who introduced the books to me, so we have to go together. Since it probably won't come to my small town until they sell sushi wrappers in thr grocery store in my small town (Read: never), we have to wait until we go to The Big City.

But I am mostly happy about Cory calling the movie "Lunchables."