Sunday, April 1, 2012

WeightWatchers update and a new obsession

I mentioned last week that I joined Weight Watchers Online. So far I really like it! Except for the occasional urge to destroy an entire bag of mini kit kat bars its going great. It's my cross to bear.

Its helped really evaluate something before  I eat it. Which is good for me. I'm really into bored/emotional eating, turns out. It's an outlet. Now that  I'm shutting that outlet down, what will my new outlet be? Only time will tell. 

Actually now that I think about it, I've been struck with powerful urges to buy all the things recently. ALL THE THINGS. So, I guess that answers that.  Why can't I gravitate towards compulsive exercise as an outlet?? I'm trying.

In related news, I have a pretty big order from Down East Basics that should be coming in this week. I'm excited. Fashion Show!

I was going to write a really intense bare-all post about weight, choices, and self confidence, but then I decided to see what all this fuss about "Doctor Who" is about. hours later here we are. Half way through season one. Bed time. No blog post in sight. Whoopsie. Looks like introspection will have to wait. 

But in the meantime here are some pretty food pictures. Recipes to follow. Maybe. 
Chicken Taco Night. Load up on the bell peppers (cooked in water, not oil--zero points!) and you're full for hours, for free! Ah fiber. You're so good.
Oven roasted brusselsprouts. With garlic and balsamic vinegar. Also zero points. And super filling!
Tomatoes with basil leaves and balsamic. guessed points! And, I grew that basil on our porch. Do I get bonus points for that? Well. No. I don't. But it still makes me feel fancy.

Steamed squash. Zero points...again! I'm really into the zero points things...

Carrot and Squash Cake/Bread. I wish it was zero points. 
So, about that Carrot and Squash Cake/Bread. I'd needed something sweet. I needed it. So I decided to test my theory that cake mixes are magical genetically altered things that will never ever fail. So I dumped 2 cups of pureed squash and carrots in with a yellow cake mix. Put that into two loaf pans and cooked. And it made cake/bread! I don't know what kind of dark magic is going on in there, but it is intense. And delicious. And one whole loaf is only 24 points! 

Okay, 24 points is a lot for one person. In two days. So, I decided to give away the second loaf. Bye bye dark magic.

Well...thats all for now. Maybe I can squeeze in another Dr. Who episode before bed...who needs sleep anyway?


Becca said...

Your are awesome, Lindy. I wish you were still my babysitter. Or baby sister.

Or next door neighbor.

Any chance of moving to Idaho when Cory is done with school?

Becca said...

Also, I love it that your blog does not have word verification.

Lindy said...

Word verification is the worst. Sometimes I will cancel a comment, just because I don't feel like typing that mess in there. Just sayin.

I wish were next door neighbors too! I keep telling about all the chickens we're going to have one day. Which is a direct result of you, btw.

Amy & Miikael said...

Lindy!!!! that is so awesome! My sweet tooth is fixed by no sugar chocolate pudding (2 points) I dont count points, which you know, I count calories, but my mom counts points so I know how many points a lot of the food is. Anyways, my favorite thing is to cut up a bunch of fruit (0 points) and mix it with a pudding cup. Yum Yum. Good luck with the weight watchers and you will have to include lots of recipes. :)

freya said...

looks like we need to come crash dinner at your place! yum! and it's the thought that counts with the introspection ha. i need netflix so baaad!

The Hargretts said...

that chicken taco looks SOOO yummy. I still remember that big taco night we had your old place so long ago.. it was fantastic and that rice was amazing!