Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food storage=socially acceptable hoarding?

 We made a yummy tomato-pineapple relish at canning class this week. (Let me know if you want a copy of our recipes/canning instructions.) It makes me feel so self-reliant when we do stuff like that. Then I’m filled with all kinds of crazy urges to grind wheat, and make my own bread and go pick fresh vegetables and store them. And the little teeny canning jars we used are so stinkin' cute. 

Plus it was so fun to be with my ladies from church. Over the years I’ve learned that I don’t make friends very easily. I don’t make enemies very easily either for that matter, which is nice. Its not so much a matter of being anti-social—I’m definitely not—its just so hard to push past that initial awkwardness (and I am so very awkward.) of making conversation and getting to know someone, down to the really good part of friendship where you can share real feelings and thoughts and the truth about how often you bathe. I wish I could just jump right into the really good part, and skip my self-conscious standoffish resistance. But I can’t.

So for those of you who have pushed passed this stage with me…I love you so much. You make me so very happy. For those of you who are still working on this stage with me…keep trying. I will too. It gets better. I look forward to our friendship in the years to come.

Anyway, I was still riding the wave of self reliance this Sunday and put in an order for 10 cans from the storehouse. Food storage! I’m basking in the Mormon-ness.

And I planted carrot and pea seeds in our window boxes. This may be an exercise in futility. I don’t have a very good track record with plants. Those poor plants. I replaced my dead tulips next to the kitchen sink with some succulents. They’ve got to stand a better chance. So far I have left them completely alone, and they seem to be fine. These are my kind of plants. Little Gnomey came to live with them inside. Say “Hi”, Gnomey!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Tear. I had totally planned on going to the activity this week, but ry had this last class dinner thing with a professor and he said it wouldn't take long and be home before 7. He got home at 8:45. Let's just say, mama was disappointed!!! I haven't canned more than helping my mom with her canning growing up, but someday I hope to make to a family staple for us!

Ana said...

I'm basking in your mormon-ness too! i love you lindy, and you aren't as awkward as you think you are. I loved you instantly, probably because I blurted "Are you Mormon? I LOVE MORMONS!"

The Hargretts said...

Those little jars are super cute! They're prefect portions too. I'm starting to get in a self-reliant kick too. Garden is going to be started next week and my dad told me I can have all the canning stuff we have back in Naples so I'm pretty excited =) Good luck on your veggies.

Tanya said...

I don't think you're that awkward! But I am pretty awkward myself, so what do I know...

Anywho, that was a fun activity. I like when they are at your house.

Becca said...

Good luck with your peas. I love the gnome in your potted succulents. I think we are in the how often we bathe category, and I'm glad (I didn't yesterday, but have plans to later today). I also hate the initial awkwardness, but I have recently discovered about myself that I like to have one close friend where I live, and then I'm fine. I don't love getting lots of invites for playdates and get-togethers and parties from lots of different people. I crave solitude. And now you know.

Lindy said...

Meagan--You have to make it to the May craft night! It'll be your last one in our ward :(

Ana--you did make it super easy to jump right past the awkwardness--I need more people like you in my life! :)

Kendal--Sweet! We'll have to go pick our own veggies and can them together with your canning stuff.

Tanya--I like when they're at my house too. It makes it so easy.

Becca--we're totally in the how often we bathe category. And, if your plans for bathing later didn't pan out, I wouldn't judge you.