Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easters Weekend 2012

Lara needed a place to host her sister's bridal shower in Marinanna, FL. My parents happen to own  an awesome party house in Marianna, FL. The shower theme was "Mid-Western". My parents happen to be from the Mid-West and own all kind of mid-western memorabilia. The date was set for April 7th. My parents were actually going to be in town on April 7th. Basically this shower just fell into place, and it was awesome.

So, about this Mid-Western theme. It could easily have been renamed "put random junk you find lyin' around inside the house outside on the porch", but...that's not nearly as cute. And we like cute.

It was a couples shower, so that means boys were invited. I think we went all out trying to impress the boys with how amazing wedding showers can be. And I think we succeeded.We served meat on wooden tables, ya'll. No tablecloth. Yea. It was pretty crazy.

Lara's boyfriend Joseph came in while we were putting the invitations together. He took one look and suggested that we burn the edges for more texture/awesomeness. And then. THEN. He proceeded to sit down and burn the edges of 40 small squares of paper for us. Good ideas AND follow through!? What a hunk. He kept coming up with good ideas too. Just dropping them in all casual like. It ain't no thing.

Yes. My parents just had an old cowhide rug lying around. And yes, we did eat that cow. It was delicious.

Instead of games, we just set up a little photobooth area. Which was pretty entertaining. I think every person who picked up the gun pretended to commit suicide with it in at least one picture...maybe the party wasn't as fun as we thought? Anyway..

Actually, my Dad never pretended to commit suicide with the toy gun. He just pointed it directly at me in every shot. Especially when I told him to give me a silly face. So.

Regardless of the suicide/murder miming, it was fun. FUN.

The next day we went to church for Easters, and then the wily bunnies hid our eggs for us. And man. They were fightin' dirty this year. Alliances were forged. Plots were thickened. We tried to corner my mom alone for hints (she folds under pressure) but my dad kept her close. When he would catch her giving us pointed looks in helpful directions he would say "Ruth! You know they all have to give up before they get hints."

 This year we found all but three out of forty five before we admitted defeat. The great riddler himself wasn't quite sure where the very last egg was, so he locked us in my room while he found it, and then gave us a riddle to find it on our own.

There's nothing quite like Easters, is there?


Nathan & Holly Larson said...

I remember the cow-skin rug!! That thing is awesome! :) Also, I love that your parents are ridiculously good at hiding eggs...I may have to adopt that tradition! I'm glad your Easter was a great one!

Lindy said...

haha--do you remember how Mindy refused to touch that rug?? She would tiptoe around the edges of the room to avoid coming into contact with it.

freya said...

looks like a great party! congrats to lara's sister!

and yes that bunny is definitely the mastermind of that pair ha.