Sunday, March 18, 2012

The one where I realize my mother was right about everything. Everything.

I like parties. I just like them. It's fun, and you can have elaborate themes, and everyone looks nice, and they chat. It's kind of my scene. Every March, Relief Societies the whole world over celebrate our founding day. The day Emma Smith said "Let's do something extraordinary" and then Relief Society came into being. The "birth day", if you will. And what do you do on birthdays? You party.

Our theme was Rising Higher Every Year, and we went to town with balloons. And a crepe bar. I decided I would make the crepes for seemed like a good idea at the time. Wanna get really good at making crepes? Make 60. You'll be a pro in no time.

It was such a fun party. The food was good, and the company couldn't be beat. We ate, chatted, and had a short program with a few stories and testimonies from the sisters, and watched the Mormon Messages video on Stephanie Nielson. We cried together, and finished it off by singing "As Sisters in Zion". I'm dreadfully biased, but I think everything was so great. I love the sisters in our ward so much. They are so inspiring and amazing.

In other news, I become my mother a little more every day. Seriously. I have her nose. I burn the last batch of everything. I write about loving Relief Society on my blog.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget my children need to be picked up from places all the time (Sorry kids. It'll make you stronger.).

Anyway, my dear mother has always favored a colored lip, and she pulls off wonderfully.

While I was visiting her a few weeks ago I borrowed her lipstick and was life changing. Did you know you can make your whole face look better with just a swipe of lipstick? That's all it takes to brighten your eyes, and make you look pulled together. And her Revlon ColorStay is the energizer bunny of lipstick. It promises 16 hours, but I'm pretty sure it would make it through out eternity. 

Of course I purchased my own carbon copy of her lipstick upon my arrival, and took it for a test drive today.

I was running late so I didn't get a picture of it fresh before I left for church. Then when I got home I was hungry so I ate lunch.  Then I watched some Cake Boss with Cory. Then the home teachers came over. Then I ate some cookies and brownies they had delivered, and drank some milk too, of course. And THEN. Then I took this picture.
Seriously. This is 8 hours of wear. No touch-ups. EIGHT hours!  At this point I'm more concerned about getting it off, rather than keeping it on. And these lips are perfectly kissable. I think it tattooed itself on. Momma doesn't play games.

I've decided also going to buy some nylons this week.  (They make your legs tan and perfect! Why would I not want that?) 

Mom was right about everything. Does admitting that mean I'm a grown up?


Nathan & Holly Larson said...

Oh Lindy! :) Your posts are too fun! I do love the party and theme, definite win! And I'm lovin' the lipstick too! I'm more a lipgloss girl myself...but maybe I'll make the switch! ;) And I totally agree with the nylon comment...I wear them all. the. time. Fabulous. Yay for Moms!

Ana said...

hilarious! I don't think I will ever be good at making crepes, they seem t0o delicate.
also, I too have ventured in to lipstick territory. I'm a huge fan of Clinique's Raspberry Glace, you can buy it on Amazon for 1/3 of the price of the counter price (i learned that the hard way).
question: does that lipstick require you to stain your lip and then put gloss or balm over it?
I love your blog and you.

Lindy said...

The lipstick is most likely a stain-though the packaging doesnt say as much. It comes with a gloss but I didn't use it today and I didn't seem to miss it!

L said...

I love the lipstick color! You looked very very pretty yesterday! Did ya'll like the cookies? I have to admit, there would have been more but I just had to "break" a few of them... they just smelled so good and the baby made me do it!
I find as life goes on, I too am realizing that my mom is right about everything...

Lindy said...

Lindley--those cookies were so good! I don't blame you for "breaking" a few! haha--and I think you should know that Cory (who doesn't get invested or passionate about food, like ever.) hoarded them and ate like, 4 in a row. He gave me one. One! So yea. They were awesome. Thank you!

L said...

I'm glad ya'll (mainly Cory) enjoyed them. I owed you something good since you saved my life with the twix! Lol!

Becca said...

1- I love crepes so much.
2- I love your Relief Society birthday party. You are so good at graphic design, Miss Lindy. I didn't want to watch that MorMess and cry cry cry. I had never seen it before.
3- The lipstick. This is the best advertisement I have ever read. I'ma go buy some, too. I mean, later. When I hitch up the team and head into town. Since I don't think I can find Revlon Colorstay in my sweet little town.
4- Seriously? That movie. I am still sniffling.

Kourtney said...

I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Your RS party was a grand slam! So cute, cute, cute! Movie....awww man...I cry a river ALL the time now. More and more of Mom in us all every day. And the older we get, the more we realize, that's EXACTLY who we want to be :). Kings to you Fernand, you WIN big time!