Monday, July 2, 2012

This one goes out to the one I love

via Kimbe
This is one of my very favorite wedding pictures. I had just walked up behind Cory and tapped him on the shoulder. It was the first time he saw me that day. He grabbed my hand and gave me this huge smile and just looked and looked at me.

Two years ago today I was excited and nervous. Today I'm less nervous but still excited. How has it been two years already? I love you so much Cory. Thanks for being mine.


Katie said...

Happy anniversary!! Sam and I got engaged last year on your one year anniversary :) How time flies!! Hope its a great one :)

Nathan & Holly Larson said...

Happy Anniversary you two! :) And what a sweet memory! I'm sure you'll have lots of wonderful memories to enjoy over eternity!!

freya said...

so sweet! happy anniversary! so glad you guys are celebrating it with style! p.s. i can't believe it's been two years! wow!