Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation: The Lake and a Surprise

And we're back. Next up on our vacation was a day out boating with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tom at Lake Roosevelt. In Florida, lakes are surrounded by pine trees. In Arizona, lakes are surrounded by cacti. it was a little weird.

Sam got things started on the wake board. He hasn't been near water for two years (He just got back from his mission in Campinas, Brazil) and he popped right up outta the water like a prairie dog. He made it look SO easy. After he went out there the other boys gave it a shot, and things did not go so well. The bright side of it all is that Cory now has a very nice chiropractor. So, there's a win. 

The camera died before we got a picture of it, but after watching two strapping young men try and try and try without success, my mom decided that she wanted to give that wake boarding the ol' college try. And on her second try she almost had it! Grandmother of two (soon to be three). Almost wakeboarding. After a few tries, she decided it wasn't for her after all and she'd just water ski around the lake a few times. What a woman.

Unbeknownst to Tanya, while we partied on a lake all day, Kourtney and Jackie planned a baby shower for her with my Aunts back at Grandma's house. My role in the planning process was basically, make sure Tanya was surprised. I'll take that job any day. Play on a lake and sight see? All over it. 

We drove back from the Lake with Tanya and Jesse, and decided to make a pit stop at the the best preserved Meteor Crater on earth. Thus fulfilling Jesse's life long ambition (what will he live for now??) while simultaneously making sure we didn't get back too early and ruin the surprise, and well..getting to see a giant crater. Wins all around. The crater was pretty awesome. They have a little cut out of an 6 ft. tall man at the bottom of the crater, but we didn't see it until we looked through a telescope. That helped put things in perspective. That is one giant hole.
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When we got back to Grandma's house (just in time, thanks to Jesse aka Speed Master General), Kourtney and Jackie had the cutest animal themed shower set up in Grandma's back yard. Surprise!

Grandma has the best party house. Her backyard is an oasis, complete with waterfalls. So magical.

Tanya is planning an animal themed baby room, so the theme was classy animals. Tres chic.

We didn't want the boys to miss out on the fun, so we made it a couple's shower. I don't think they boys really knew what to do with themselves, but Cory was impressed with the food selection. He is now a fan of showers. 

Grandma and Grandpa spent the night knockin' back a few cold ones (IBC people. IBC...).
Cory spent most of the time chatting it up with Grandma, while Jason sported a theme appropriate lepord print cowboy hat. Things got weird. 
They really were having a good time, but this was the only picture I have. Unfortunate timing. 
Grandpa is shaking is finger at me. And the words "I'm going to break that camera" might have been said...but he didn't mean it. Look at that playful little smile. He loves it.

 And so ended another blissful day of vacation. Oh vacation, I miss you so.


Nathan & Holly Larson said...

Your posts make me so happy! :) You are an awesome writer! And it looks like your vacay really was magical! :) What a fun baby shower!!

freya said...

woo your mom rocks! love that windblown pic of you guys too :) classy little couples shower, we never do those in tally!
haha that playful little smile...

Tanya said...

Hey, where am I? haha, j/k. The shower looked gorgeous. I, however, was in need of a shower. But I totally want copies of pics from it at some point.

Also, the lake was sooo, sooo fun! Let's go back.