Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation: The days we explored alternate means of transportation

Our last days in Arizona were spent riding various things. It doesn't get much better than riding things.

First, we drove out the middle of nowhere, and found the big sand dunes. Apparently they move around all the time (as is the nature of sand), so you have to hunt them down. 

It's like looking into a mirror. Twinner Cousins!
 Grandma took Grandpa for a spin. That woman is out of control.

See those little shrubs poking out of the ground? Well, those are actually tree tops. The tops of trees!

Photo from Auntie Julie :)

Jane was not a fan. At all.


 After the dunes, we headed over the canyon for swimming and suicide attempts. That's how we spell fun.

I mean, canyon + bridge =INTENSE ROPE SWING, obviously.

For scale purposes (shot of Cory taken by Auntie Julie):

Guess what? My mom went off the rope swing. I know. I KNOW. There is no stopping her.

Jesse and Tanya went for a leisurely canoe ride. I guess they wanted some time alone.

Yea, we crashed that party real fast. We needed a lift back down the river. 5 (Well, 6 if you count Tanya's baby bump) people in a 2 person canoe. That's how we do.

Finally, we went out to the ranch and rode the horses down Route 66. 

Truckers honked at us. We've still got it.

There's my Dad and his older brother, my Uncle Gayle. Just a couple of cowboys at heart. The grew up together, and they had the best adventures. It's so fun to hear them tell you their stories from working on the dairy, or branding cows together back in the day. 

 We rode down to the Jackrabbit trading post, tied up the horses, and went in for some ice cold lemonade, curtesy of Uncle Gayle. He's the best.

 While we were perusing the cactus jellies, the horses got spooked and broke free. You haven't lived until a shop keeper looks you dead in the eye and says "Umm...I think your horses are loose."

Umm...my ride just got loose??

Don't worry, we got them back.

And that's one way to get your kicks on Route 66. But I'm not sure that's quite what they had in mind.


Danny & Joanna Rodriguez said...

I live it lindy! Looks like soo much fun!

Kristen said...

holy cow! can i come next time?! it all looks like a good time!

sara raquel said...

looks like a western paradise, how fun!!

Tanya said...

That canoe ride back was intense! But also hilarious. And I'm still bummed we missed your mom on the rope swing!! She's a better woman than I am.

Alicia said...

Remember when Dad used to wake us up when you guys were sleeping over and take us all out for Happy Meals? I guess cold lemonade is the grown up equivalent, right? Haha. You make our little paradise look SO good! I want to promote this post so people will stop thinking our little town is so boring. It's awesome, right?!
And my kids keep sighing and saying, "We miss Uncle Gary and Aunt Ruth..." I guess we need to come out and see "Andrew & Fam" haha.
Love you guys :)