Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Because when you're in Florida you go to the beach

When you go to Florida for a vacation, you should go to the beach. So we did. Even though it was very, very cold. While we were packing up to make the trip, we comforted ourselves with the hope that it would "probably be warmer on the beach". (It wasn't.) We put our boiled water in a thermos, bought some charcoal and marshmallows, and hoped for the best.

We roasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate and dressed the kids in every single mismatched article of clothing we had stashed in the diaper bags. (Layering is so hot right now.) We saw stingrays and dolphins jumping in the waves, hunted for seashells, and froze our little buns off. The little babies stayed bundled up in their carseats and fun was had for as long as we could take it. I'll call it a success, even if Amelia did look like a little hobo child.


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Becca said...

You live by the ocean. The REAL LIVE ocean. These pictures are gorgeous, even if it was cold. And Amelia is the cutest hobo-child I've ever seen.

But where are the pictures of the sting rays and dolphins???